Disaster and Home Restoration

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Restoring a home to its former self after a disaster* requires additional skills and services that typical home remodeling and renovation projects don’t require. Restoring a luxury or high-end home has additional challenges. And at Dunlap, we have the skills, expertise, and are up to these challenges.

In the Vero Beach area, in addition to fire damage, homes face potential damage from storms, wind, and flooding. Sometimes the damage is relatively minor and sometimes the damage is major, impacting the structural integrity of the home.

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Vero Beach, FL, September 27, 2004 -- The walls of this garage collasped due to the winds of Hurricane Jeanne. FEMA Photo/Mark Wolfe

Vero Beach, FL, September 27, 2004 — Garage destroyed by Hurricane Jeanne. FEMA Photo/Mark Wolfe

From First Call to Completion

Documenting, Inspecting, and Securing Your Home

As soon as we hear from you, we spring into action. Generally, the first step is to inspect your home and property, and secure the site and home. Before we move things, if your insurance adjuster has not inspected the home, we take photos to document the damage we see when we arrived. We want to make sure your insurance company can see the home as we first saw it and to help prevent further damage. We also want to secure the site to prevent anyone from getting into the home or harming themselves.

Depending on the extent of the damage, your home may need anything from a general inspection to a more extensive inspection to determine its structural integrity and other potential issues, such as preventing mold from water damage.

Working with Your Insurance Company

Many types of disaster restoration projects have an insurance company involved. We work with you and your insurance company. Depending on your home, the nature of the disaster and damage, and your insurance company and coverage, the amount your insurance company awards your claim may or may not be sufficient on its own to bring your home to its original condition. We provide your insurance company as much documentation and estimate information as we have to help you get adequate coverage. We will talk with your insurance company if needed to help explain the costs associated with repairing the damage to your home. To assure your home is restored as quickly as possible, we contract for the work and you pay us directly. You arrange with your insurance company to get your settlement for the damages from them.

Restoration Within or Beyond Your Insurance Coverage

If you wish and if the insurance does not cover all the damage, Dunlap can restore your home to the extent the insurance will cover the damage, or we can restore it to its original state. Because we work mostly on luxury homes with high-end products, materials, and finishes, insurance awards don’t always cover the full cost of restoring the home completely. Some forms of damage are not covered by normal homeowner insurance coverage. We are happy to work with you to determine how you would like to restore your home and, if needed, build it differently to bring it up to current code and best current building practices.

If You are Out of Town

For homeowners who live in Vero Beach only part time, Dunlap will be happy to be your eyes on the ground, working with your insurance agent and taking care of everything. If you wish, we can provide additional photo documentation so you can see the extent of the damage and the restoration in progress.

Peace of Mind Included

When Dunlap restores your home, you can rest easy that your project will be done when promised and on budget with our unique On-Time, On-Budget Guarantee**. And you are also protected by our Exclusive Extended Limited Warranty for the project. We can offer our best of breed warranty because we know the quality of our work and can stand behind it.

*Non-Disaster Restoration Services

Not all home restoration has to do with disasters or involves insurance. Homes sometimes need restoration from things like rot, moisture, insect, animal, or other types of damage. Dunlap can help you with these types of projects as well. Just contact us.

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**We cannot always provide our on-time, on-budget guarantee for home restoration services provided after area-wide disasters such as hurricanes. Because of the huge demand for qualified craftsmen, production schedules become impossible to accurately predict. Until roads and supply sources are restored, the availability of building materials is also unpredictable. Building inspectors are also over-extended and insurance companies sometimes impact schedules in unpredictable ways. We do provide our exclusive extended limited warranty regardless of the cause of the restoration.